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Please approx. 20ml breast milk in a breast milk bag, with this I can make several pieces of jewellery.
It doesn't matter whether the milk is freshly pumped or has been frozen for some time, both are possible. Frozen milk must be thawed again before dispatch.
Milk: Please put the approx. 20 ml in a breast milk bag and put it in a second one to be on the safe side. (Bag in bag). Please use a padded envelope and not a parcel. Frozen breast milk must be defrosted by you beforehand and only then may it be sent in a new and double breast milk bag. If you do not have any breastmilk bags and cannot buy them yourself, you can order a shipping package with two breastmilk bags and a padded envelope for €9, which you will receive within a few days, simply fill it up and send it to me. Hair Strand: please wrap between paper (such as napkins, tempos or aluminium foil) so that it holds together well and cannot collect static electricity. Umbilical cord You can put the umbilical cord in a small plastic bag if you can. I will give you the rest of the umbilical cord back. Dried flowers Between cartons Textiles wrapped in plastic, paper or aluminium foil.
The milk is processed in a multi-step preservation procedure before the jewellery is made to avoid this. The finished jewellery can in no way develop an unpleasant odour or even mould. But breast milk is a natural product. It also "lives" enclosed in the resin. Depending on the composition of your milk, the colour can vary from cream-coloured to slightly yellowish or even bluish. Please also note the care instructions. Slight colour changes over time are therefore possible.
The milk survives transport for several days without any problems. Of course, it is no longer suitable for consumption, but it is still ideal for jewellery making.
Every breast milk is composed differently and its colour changes accordingly. This colour is reflected in the jewellery. All beads or pendants are unique and may differ from the example pictures.
The milk can be collected over several days. If you have problems pumping, you can try expressing during or after breastfeeding. Expressing after a shower or bath also works very well.
Yes, only please defrost and pack in a double breast milk bag before sending.
You can compare it with solid plastic in terms of strength. It is quite scratch-resistant and stable. The chains, settings, caps or rings vary depending on the material.
My processing time is about 6 - 8 weeks, since i receive your materials, it depends on the drying time the jewellery needs, it changes from piece to piece, I do everything on my own and with great care for each piece of jewellery. Professionally I dedicate myself exclusively to your jewellery, so the time needed for processing is the necessary minimum 🙂 .
If a part of your jewellery arrives damaged, please send it back to me, I will take a look at it and replace it if necessary. This service is free of charge for you. You only have to pay the shipping costs and the shipping risk. Small imperfections or air bubbles are not a reason for return. All personalised jewellery made especially for you cannot be exchanged or returned.
Do not store your jewellery in direct sunlight. This can cause the resin to yellow and soften. Do not wear your jewellery when showering, bathing, in the sauna or doing sports. Make sure that your jewellery does not come into direct contact with perfume, cleaning agents or body care products. This can cause it to wear out. Clean your jewellery only with a soft, dry cloth. If you keep all this in mind, your portable memories will live a long life.

Do you have more questions? Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.