In the jewellery gallery you can see the most requested images, such as the ones with umbilical cord or the mourning jewellery and also a selection of jewellery to help you decide. If you don't find the option you are looking for, ask me via chat, whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram or via the Contact form. 😊

Breast milk jewellery with umbilical cord

  • Mother's Milk Jewellery-Zoe-in-375-Gold-with-3-Diamonds-1
  • Circle of Life Bracelet Gold
  • Circle of Life Rose Gold Plated
  • Ring with hair and umbilical cord
  • Cleo bracelet
  • Set Yara Heart
  • Mother's Milk Jewellery Large Hole Bead
  • Dylan Tree of Life
  • Breast milk heart from umbilical cord
  • Heart bracelet
  • Nora Heart
  • Mothers Love
  • Dylan Tree of Life with umbilical cord
  • Yara heart with umbilical cord
  • Nora Heart
  • Set Dylan Tree of Life
  • Keychain
  • Infinity ring
  • Pearl Maya Real Gold
  • Sun Pendant with Umbilical Cord
  • Pearl from breast milk and umbilical cord
  • Nobu Pendant with Umbilical Cord
  • Medallion Dylan with umbilical cord
  • Breast milk bead with umbilical cord
  • Dylan Heart with umbilical cord
  • Pearl Ellie
  • Breast milk pendant
  • Breast Milk Set Ellie

Mourning jewellery

  • Mourning jewellery set
  • Mourning jewellery set
  • Cleo Bracelet (Unisex)
  • May Pendant 925 Silver
  • Breast Milk Jewellery Ring Elsa
  • Oval 925 silver
  • Set Circle of Life
  • Infinity Ring 925 Silver
  • Adelaida with strand of hair
  • Nando heart with strand of hair
  • Nobu Pendant with Hair Strand

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