How to order, order process

Order process

    -Configure your jewellery in a simple and intuitive way by following the steps and selecting the different options. If you have any questions, send me a private message via chat, Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram and I will advise you personally. Send your natural materials in a padded envelope (no parcels) preferably with a tracking number so you know when they have arrived, to:
    Marlene Busch Zoilo
    P.O. Bureau-Service-Berlin
    Hauptstraße 117
    10827 Berlin
    Please write your order number and name on a piece of paper and put it in the envelope, and if you have specific ideas feel free to add a sketch or a printed photo showing what you like, I will use it as a reference to make your piece of jewellery, but remember that every piece of jewellery is unique and no two are alike because every breast milk and every hair is different.
    -I'll be in touch when I make your jewellery.
    -I make your individual pieces of jewellery
    -I'll be happy to send you a photo of the finished jewellery
    -I will send you your jewellery with tracking number and insurance up to 500€..

We look forward to receiving your mail!
Milk: Please put the approx. 20 ml in a breast milk bag and put it in a second one to be on the safe side. (Bag in bag). Please use a padded envelope and not a parcel. Frozen breast milk must be defrosted by you beforehand and only then may it be sent in a new and double breast milk bag. Otherwise you can order a shipping kit from me for 9€ two breast milk bags and a padded envelope, you will receive them after a few days, simply fill them out and send them to me. Hair Strand: please wrap between paper (such as napkins, tempos or aluminium foil) so that it holds together well and cannot collect static electricity. Umbilical cord gladly in a small plastic bag, if you can. I recommend cutting 1 cm off, in the unlikely event that the mail gets lost. That way you always have some in your possession. I will return the rest of the unused cord to you. Dried flowers Between cartons Textiles wrapped in plastic, paper or aluminium foil.

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