Ear plugs

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With or without breast milk

Would you like just one or a pair of plugs?

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Only one person's hair

Hair from two people

Hair of three people


Pearl shimmer

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Ear plugs.

If you wear ear plugs instead of traditional earrings, I can also make them from your breast milk. Customisable with strands of hair in different designs, umbilical cord,... Feel free to order just one or the pair.

7 sizes to choose from. Please indicate the desired size in the order notes.

1. Ø 18 * 12mm
Average diameter 16mm
2. Ø 16 * 12mm
Average diameter 14mm
3. Ø 14 * 12mm
Average diameter 12mm
4. Ø 12 * 12mm
Average diameter 10mm
5. Ø 10 * 12mm
Average diameter 8mm
6. Ø 8 * 12mm
Average diameter 6mm
7. Ø 7 * 12mm
Average diameter 5mm

As it is handmade, the measurements may vary by a few millimetres.


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Do you need one or both?

Only one, The two +€20

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  1. Luisa Antonius

    Super nice contact, lovingly made jewellery. I had an ear plug made from breast milk and am very satisfied. Love it!

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