Still-Love 925 silver

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Precious metal

With or without breast milk

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Only one person's hair

Hair from two people

Hair of three people


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Rose gold-plated only anchor chain and Venetian chain in both sizes.

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Still-Love 925 silver.

The love of breastfeeding in the form of a pendant. Mother and child, forever united by this moment. Customisable with strands of hair of the mother, child or children.

The material of the setting is 925 sterling silver. If you choose the option
the gold-plated or rose-gold-plated , please note that the gold-plating may wear off after some time if it comes into direct contact with the skin. This is not an objectionable defect and not a reason for return, but an unavoidable sign of wear.



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With or without breast milk

Without breast milk, With breast milk +€12

3 reviews for Still-Liebe 925er Silber

  1. Victoria

    The breastfeeding love is a beautiful necklace!
    I had them made as a reminder of my breastfeeding days and wear them together with two birthstones.
    Thank you for this beautiful memory!

    • Marlene

      Dear Victoria,
      Thank you very much for your great feedback, it makes me very happy ❤️

  2. Floriane

    It's really great, I'm happy to have this unique memory to keep... with my daughter's first strand of hair and our breastfeeding. Thank you very much ❤️

  3. Franziska G

    Beautiful pendant. Very well made

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