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Breastfeeding and connection

Today I share with you an emotional and heartfelt text by Beatriz Noriega Ortega, a Lactation consultantabout the first moments in our babies' lives. I hope you like it.


Connection before and after birth

Close your eyes and imagine you are a baby in your mother's body. You can feel the warmth of her body, take a deep breath and listen, boom boom boom, that's her heart, can you feel her moving? Mummy is going for a walk, or maybe she's dancing. Do you like that? Surely you feel good, protected and safe. 

Take a deep breath and imagine for a moment that you have just been born. For the first time you feel air on your body, in your lungs, but don't worry, mum is there. You are no longer in her body, but you will always be a part of her and she a part of you. 

The connection between baby and mother is uniqueThey were one and the same organism, and from one moment to the next it is no longer so, but it is still the same. the connection remains through breastfeeding. In the first months of life, babies spend a lot of time at their mother's breast, because that's where the connection continues and is renewed again and again.... When you breastfeed your baby, I recommend that you look your baby in the eye, talk to him and share your feelings with him, whether it is sadness or anger. You and your baby are one and the same, what you feel, he feels. Don't be afraid to tell him what your heart feels. Sing, because your voice accompanied it to sleep when it was still inside you, you are its safe place. If you are worried or stressed because the place is messy, remember that it will get messy again, but the bond you build with your baby will last a lifetime, so the laundry and dishes can wait. 

This phase lasts only a short time and flies by. Make the most of every moment, because suddenly the day may come when he or she will need fewer kisses and hugs, and looks, and strive for independence. And yes, we will be proud, but oh how we will miss those cuddles. We will be left with the photos, the memories, the blanket we keep. But what better reminder of breastfeeding than the jewel of mother's milk, proof that we were once our baby's whole world. 

Beatriz Noriega Ortega

Lactation consultant