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Genuine 333 gold chains, in four different models: Anchor chain, Venetian chain, Singapore chain and curb chain.

Anchor chain  

Length: 45cm
Gold 333/000
approx. 1.2mm beit
approx. 0.85 / 0.90 gramme

Venetian chain

Length: 42cm
approx. 0.6mm wide
Material: Gold 333/000
approx. 0.70 to 0.95 gramme

Singapore chain

Length: 42cm
approx. 1.0mm wide
Material: Gold 333/000
approx. 0.75 gram

Armoured chain

Length: 42cm
approx. 0.8mm wide
Material: Gold 333/000
approx. 0.83 to 0.92 gramme


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